The Hubs were initially thought to be places were all citizens could live as a function of their priviledge of being citizens of the UEF. However, as the cost of construction of these megacities was tallied, the UEF government gradually introduced stricter criteria under which a citizen or a family could be granted an apartment reservation in the Hubs.

Naturally this caused major reactions causing people to loes faith in the UEF and the People's Rebellion to seem not as radical for the first time in decades.

By the later stages of the immigration, a 3 bedroom apartment in the cheapest Hub Residential Quarter went for $600,000. On the upside, the vast economic security offered by the UEF meant that housing loans were essentially risk free which in turn allowed the banking sector to flourish. Many economists argue that if the prices on the apartment reservations in the Hubs were set that high from the get go, the economic boon would have been enormous, possibly avoiding all the calamities mankind suffered in the process.

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