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The first encounters with the Homo Inhumanum were mobs of aggressive Brutes who would attack anyone in their vicinity with reckless abandon. These mobs would wander around looting and pillaging anything in their wake. Armed with nothing more than improvised clubs and axes salvaged from the ruined old cities, the Brute mobs initially posed very little danger to mankind. In fact, many filmmakers and fiction enthusiasts were excited to see a real life zombie apocalypse scenario unfolding.

Laughs soon abated as the Brute mobs seemed to be a more dangerous opponent as it was initially considered. The Brutes had no regard of their own safety and they would charge enemy lines even when under heavy suppressive fire. Perhaps the most disconcerning fact about Brute Mobs is that whenever one finds a Brute Mob that means that there are certainly more where that came from.


In the game

The Brute Mob is an effective area control unit. Although their damage potential is limited, they can dominate the centre of the table, contesting and capturing objectives, while at the same time forcing the enemy to focus on them. This allows the rest of the Brute army to get in position and deal the killing blow. Their key ability is Wave Attack which allows the unit to come back to the battlefield once it is destroyed. Note that if the unit had any unit attachments, the unit attachments are not recycled.