One of the most common, and arguably dangerous, types of Homo Inhumanum is the one classified as the Brute Raider. Brute Raiders are armed with outdated salvaged assault rifles with the odd bazooka here and there. They are clad with crude armour plates stichted together with chains, wire and literally anything they can get their hands on.

Raiders are experts at guerilla warfare, organising in small bands, and are especially keen on picking on the weak and the injured. At the same time they share all the physical prowess and resiliency of the common Brute which makes them an especially tough opponent.


In the game

Brute Raiders are the basic fighting infantry unit of the Homo Inhumanum. They excel at no particular task but they can adequately handle any task in the field of battle, from objective capturing to tank hunting. They work especially well with the War Buggy (which they can ride on) and the Brute Warlord. Although their combat skills and weapons are mediocre, when targeting spent units they gain a significant attack advantage, bringing them on par with elite units in offense.

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