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Even though the Homo Inhumanum show little regard for order or intelligence, the presence of what has been popularised by UEF troopers as 'Brute Warlords' brings an uneasy sense of tactics and coordination to the Brute forces.

These Brute Warlords tower above all of their kin, with the exception of the Berserkers, and show a combination of ferocity and tactical skill rarely seen in the Homo Inhumanum. Reports from the battlefield tell of mobs of Brutes using Fire and Move, force concentration and other military tactics that only trained armies are capable of when Brute Warlords are nearby. In fact there is evidence of these Warlords communicating orders to their fellow brutes in a savage and uncivilized manner (grunts and prods).

Warlord 360

Brute Warlords are a priority target in any engagement. However this is easier said than done as Brute Warlords are accompanied by the hardest Brutes around and, even if one manages to single one out, they are significantly harder to kill than a normal Brute.

In the game

The Brute Warlord is a Leader type unit attachment. It may be attached to either a unit of Raiders or a Brute Mob. The Brute Warlord grants the unit it is attached with the ability to activate alongside another friendly unit. This makes the Brute Warlord a very powerful addition which can be combined with literally any other unit in the Homo Inhumanum army.