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Bulldog Main Battle Tank platoon

The MBT51 A3, commonly known as Bulldog, is a next generation battletank designed to be a customizable weapon platform allowing it to be quickly configurated according to the needs of the battlefield commander as the tactical necessities constantly shift.

The Bulldog has a crew of 4 and can accomodate up to 2 more passengers which allow it to also operate as a med evac vehicle. During Operation Meteorite, more than 200 soldiers were saved thanks to this capability.

The earlier A2 model included a turret mounted main weapon, a remote controlled smart mini-turret support weapon, a pintle mounted machine gun and a series of countermeasures, smoke launchers and frag grenade dispensers. However, after the blunder of Operation Meteorite, the tank was upgraded with a set of automated side sponsons that can autonoumosly track incoming hostiles. This allowed the A3 model to have an extra defense measure against Wendigo and Brute suicide attacks. A Bulldog moving along an urban street sets its sponson weapons to face perpendicularly outwards so as to cover the blind spots of the many alleyways that its enemies might lay in ambush.