The Heavy Trooper is a regular UEF soldier using the TX-15A exoskeleton servo assist. This bulky exoskeleton allows the trooper to carry and utilise heavy weapons that would otherwise need an entire team of soldiers to use effectively. The exoskeleton also provides some extra protection however it does come with the hindrance of a rather limited power capacity.

The charge can last for 6 to 8 hours in light activity where the soldier is keeping a steady slow pace and not straining the servos. Intense usage can drain the battery in less than an hour. For this reason an extra power pack for the TX-15A is assigned per Heavy Trooper in the squad. As the power pack weighs 20 kg (approximately 40 pounds) the soldiers assigned to these extra power packs are the strongest in the squad.

Heavy Trooper armament includes the 12.7mm HMG, the shoulder mounted Smart Missile Battery coupled with a handheld AR-90 and the Plasma Thrower.

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