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The entire UEF controversy originated from the formulation of the concept of the Hub - a city designed for the needs of mankind in the fairly recent paradigm of technological revolution and abundance. The Hubs would provide ample space in the form of skyscrapers but designed to be efficient and sustainable.

Hubs are populated with a set of standard template buildings, the most important of which is the Residential Quarter.

Residential Quarter

Residential Quarter.jpg

The largest and most common building in the Hubs is the residential quarter. Most citizens live the vast majority of their lives never leaving this building. Each residential quarter consists of 4 interconnected building towers with 2 overhang plateaus that connect them and holds a maximum of 40,000 people. Citizens have access to every amenity they need in order to enjoy a comfortable life as expected in 2070. The quarters are populated with mirriad of malls, recreation areas, sports fields, museums, indoor theme parks but also various airfields, hospitals, and literally anything one might expect to find in a developed city. Each quarter also sports a rather large outdoors park (with a total area of half a square kilometer) at its base.

The residential quarter is in essence an independent community with its own identity as a significant number of policies are decided by the biyearly elected council of 50.