Marrakesh is the old city with the largest metropolitan population. Morocco was one of the countries that voted for the UEF Institution Act in 2035 but were not granted full admission in the UEF until they reach certain social and economic goals. However, due to the vast number of refugees that came to the city due to The Event of 2045, the city of Marrakesh is under a special status of International recognition. Marrakesh, and in turn Morocco, enjoys ample funding from the UEF as well as a permanent presence of UEF peacekeeping forces.

Due to this special status, Marrakesh has become a haven in the world of the Exiled nations. The refugee slam towns have been well assimilated into the metropolis and are now the centre of the city's bohemian cultural hub which is recognised globally. This has allowed Morocco to flourish more than any other exiled nation to the point where the people of Morocco now actually prefer this special status they enjoy instead of being granted full entry in the UEF.

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