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Minotaur Infantry Fighting Vehicle configuration

Minotaur Armoured Personnel Carrier configuration

The Tecton Order relies on the industries owned by its prominent members for all of their military technology. This means that although they dont have access to the latest UEF military technology, they have exclussive access to some very advanced pieces of gear. Once such example is the Minotaur Armoured Fighting Vehicle.

Designed and developed by Lang & Schroeder Defence Industries, the Minotaur provides a versatile chassis that can easily be adapted to any combat role. At the moment the most common models in use are the Minotaur APC and the Minotaur IFV which are both manned by a crew of two.

The Minotaur APC is a wheeled all terrain vehicle armed with a 7.62 mm smart machine gun. Its purpose is limited to fast personnel transportation and evacuation in combat zones. 

The Minotaur IFV is a tracked heavier variant that sports a remote controlled turret armed with a 105mm gun. The transport capacity of the IFV is limited but unlike the APC, it is designed to accompany its charge in battle and provide fire support. With its substantial armament coupled with its speed it can even threaten heavy battle tanks.