Operation : Meteorite is a military campaign backed and organised by the UEF with the intent of exterminating the Homo Inhumanum menace from the ravaged old cities. It is named after the meteorite responsible for exterminating the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

The underlying purpose of this operation is for the UEF to solidify (or reclaim depending on how one sees it) their position as the guardian and protector of mankind. For this reason the UEF military has went to great lenghts to turn this military campaign into a media parade, even going as far as to hire employ producers to create a tv series alongside the real campaign where the lives of actor soldiers is being portrayed in a tv drama with proper script and everything.

Only 3 weeks in the campaign, the offensive starts to grind to a halt as the Brutes show unprecedented numbers as revealed by the initial intel numbers and the UEF faces an embarassing defeat. The media campaign manages to hide the fact from the public but the coffins of the UEF soldiers will not pass unnoticed for long. It is at this critical moment that the players of Black Earth are thrown into.

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