The Technocrat is one of the four political parties that occupy sits in the UEF senate, along with the Democrat party, the Republican party and the Socialist party.

As of the elections of 2069, the Technocrat party holds 47 from 900 sits having gathered 5.8% of the vote. The party, founded by a group of senators in 2052 after leaving their parties due to a ludicrous display of political actions, has been accused for collaborating with the Tecton Order leading to a failed vote to subpeona the entire party with charges of treason and terrorism. Even though it is common knowledge that the Technocrat Party has relations and ideological allignment with the 12 unmasked, after a series of succesful terms being involved in the UEF government, the Technocrat Party has been regarded as a cynical, pragmatic and efficient group of political thought. This has allowed them to consolidate their presence and increase their percentage over the years. Many political analysts have expressed the opinion that if Operation : Meteorite ends up being a failure, the percentage of the Technocrat Party will explode to such an extent that the next Senate could revert back to having only 3 parties being represented, probably displacing the Republican party with which they compete for votes.

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