Tecton Agent

Before the incident of the 12 Unmasked, the Tecton Order had already been engaging its enemies through covert operations. To that end, the Tecton Order had been obsessed with training the perfect agent, a highly skilled person that could excell in diplomacy, espionage, combat and maintain a maximum degree of loyalty. That gave rise to what is collectively known as the 'Tecton Agent'. 

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Tecton Agents are groomed for this purpose from birth. The Order maintains a network of hospitals and orphanages and by coercing or bribing the parents it gets hold of gifted newborns to be recruited as Agents.Training of the Agent takes literally a lifetime and thanks to recent advances in technology Tecton Agents also receive a number of bionic and chemical augmentations that raise their traits to super human levels.

Unfortunately, high testosterone levels conflict with the chemicals used during the operation which means that male Agents are not suitable for this procedure. For this reason the Tecton Order has only been recruiting female agents ever since the augmentation technology has been available. All male Agents in service were rapidly replaced and retired by this new super-soldier type, creating a grudge among the male veterans. Some of these veterans have even been heard to turn against the Tecton Order by seeking asylum in the UEF.

The Tecton Agents fulfill many roles in the Tecton Order agenda. They operate as bodyguards and spies but also as military commanders and special forces operatives in the field of battle. 

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