The Event is the tragic event of August 15 2045. Approximately 3,000 nuclear weapons were launched simultaneously under mysterious circumstances. The targets were all the old cities with greater than 1 million inhabitants.

The estimated death toll was 1.3 billion while about 2 billion were left homeless and formed the greatest refugee wave mankind had ever seen. Perhaps worse than the immediate loss of life was the intensification of climate change. For decades to come, dust clouds would cover the atmosphere and drastically alter temperatures and sunlight, drastically affecting agriculture. Indoors agriculture, prominent in the Hubs of the UEF, became the only safe option for food production.

Theories on the cause of The Event

As of 2071, the perpetrator of The Event is unknown. However, the theories and accusations are plenty and are affecting international affairs. Here is a list of the theories and the group of people who are holding it as a belief.

The People's Rebellion terrorism

Held by : Conservatives of the UEF

Given the acts of terrorism, or activism depending how one sees it, the People's Rebellion have commited it is no surprise that this theory was one of the first to gain public acceptance. In a poll conducted in the UEF only 2 days after The Event, a stunning 53% of the population thought that the People's Rebellion either perpetrated the attack or was in league with the party that did. This poll has been used excessively by the Republican party to justify its stance against the anti-authoritarian movement inside the UEF. Many members of the People's Rebellion are being held indefinetly in terrorist prison camps where they are being tortured and generally mistreated. Cries for the end of this practice are always being met with the conviction of this theory.

The UEF inside job

Held by : Progressives of the UEF, People's Rebellion and most of the Exiled Nations

A popular theory is the so called 'UEF Inside job'. According to this theory, the UEF government executed the attack to make the newly created Hubs seem as the only practical solution to maknind's problems. Supporters of this theory point to the coincidental timing of the attack where the controversy of immigrating to the newly built Hubs was raging on. In fact, only 4 years before the Event, the People's Rebellion executed the bombing of the trains that would carry the first migrants to Earthen Springs, the first Hub ever built. This is used as evidence that the UEF would want to put an end to this kind of resistance by the simple means of allowing no alternative to their agenda.

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