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The Homo Inhumanum, commonly known as Brutes, is a faction in the Black Earth universe. Due to their consistently similar DNA they have been classified as a species of the Homo genus. Now, the Homo Sapiens has a new living relative after thousands of years the Homo Neanderthalensis went exctinct - the Homo Inhumanum.


It is a mystey how this new strain of species appeared as there is no evolutionary chain to explain the transition and the layman's explanation of mutation due to severe radiation simply does not hold water. The Brutes have been found to be an asexual species that dont seem to have a means of reproduction. For this reason the only explanation scientists have been able to give is that they are being engineered in some way.

About the Brutes

The Homo Inhumanum seem to all have a rudimentary ability for language and use of tools - including weapons - which often finds them using whatever antiquated weapon they can get their hands on. They have an innate culture that revolves around violence and dominance. Left to their own devices, it is widely believed that the Brutes would eventually drive themselves to extinction but they seem to have a keen sense of unity when it comes to fighting other species - i.e. Humans.

The Brutes are a dire threat to mankind as their sheer strength and aggression is more than enough to make up for their limited intellect in comparisson to humans (because otherwise they are the second smartest species on earth!).

What is even more alarming is the fact that along with the Brutes, a number of other seemingly related species seem to have crept up. These species such as the predatory Wendigo and the hulking, cement eating Gorusk, all seem to have a natural affinity towards the Homo Inhumanum and while the later is used as a beast of burden and living bulldozer and battering ram, the former is actively hunting prey around the location of Brutes.

Although the Brutes dont really have a symbol or flag, they often use this sign to mark their territory.

A Brute Horde assaulting the UEF lines en masse.

The Homo Inhumanum game Faction

The Brutes have the following miniature kits available at the launch of the Black Earth miniature wargame. Brute Mob, Brute Raiders, Brute Warlord, Brute War Buggy, Wendigo and Brute Berserker.