UEF Rangers

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Robotics industries had been trying to develop an exoskeleton battlesuit for military applications for over 50 years before a reliable design was finally developed. The Ranger suit of power armour combines amazing protection against small arms and servo support which allows the use of heavier weapons. It also incorporates a set of medical aides which monitor the wearer’s bio and administer painkillers and adrenaline as needed. However, the most imporant feature of the Ranger suit is the rocket-fuel-powered jet pack which gives the wearer the ability to traverse vertical distances with ease and perform combat maneuvers unlike any that have ever been utilised in warfare.

Having only been introduced the last 15 years in the armed forces, Rangers are regarded by conservative veterans as an “Easy mode combatant straight out of a first person shooter game”. Despite the scorn they get from their brothers in arms, Ranger squads are perhaps the most effective assault tool in the UEF arsenal.

The Ranger suit has revolutionised battlefield tactics in a similar way that the Armoured Tank did over 150 years ago.

In the game

Rangers are a hard hitting assault unit in the UEF army list. They are fast, can traverse vertical distances, they have tough armour and are good at engaging both infantry and vehicles with their 9mm Chain Gun and Personal Rocket Launcher.

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