UEF Special Forces

For decades the controversy of the use of smart weapons to take out crucial targets had been raging on. Even though in the beggining of the 21st century civilian losses were justified under certain circumstances, as the UEF brought more humanitarian policies in the fold the moral of collateral damage was no longer acceptable. This led to the increased need for special forces and tactics.

The UEF Special Forces utilise the best available technology in stealth and infiltration. Their body armour offers little protection but incorporates a Chameleon Skin ™ which provides dynamic camouflage making the operatives hard to detect with conventional means. Their headset includes powerful scanners allowing them to have an uncanny perception of the battlefield.


Due to their increased high cost to train and keep in shape, the UEF has lately relied more on private contractors for access to capable covert op operatives. This has given rise to a new market of mercenary companies which work closely, but not exclusively, with the UEF Government. The company with the biggest market share in special operations is Black Earth Ltd and it is notorious for having very few moral boundaries.

In the game

The UEF special forces is a unit that can fulfill several roles. Having the ability to enter the game later via ambush, they can be used to fill any gaps in the army tactical capacity. They can be used to flank and provide fire support, they are effective at close assaults, they are good at assaulting buildings and they can also be used to capture objectives. Upon entering the game a new objective that can only be captured by them is placed on the table. Coupled with their 'Get to the choppa!" special rule, they can steal an objective right under an opponent's nose. Lastly, the Special Forces also fill the role of anti-ambushing as they are the only unit in the UEF army with Heightened Senses.

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