The Homo Inhumanum phenomenon has sparked both interest and doubt over the biologist community. Such rapid evolution was not predicted even by the most intense epigenetic mechanisms and yet here they were, living proof that mankind had got something wrong. The controversy intensified when the Wendigos were first encountered in 2063 in the boreal forests of former Canada.

Wendigo Spread.jpg
Sightings of Wendigo's across the globe. The Wendigos are mostly found in the northern boreal forests and seem to make their way towards human occupied territory to the south.

This 900 pound beast of muscle and bone shares 99.5% of the DNA of the Homo Inhumanum, clearly suggesting a recent common heritage. Indeed, this hypothesis has been confirmed by the fact that the Wendigos seem to have an affinity with other Brutes. Wendigos often seem to work together with Brutes although many field experts suggest that this could be a simple case of the Wendigos preferring to stay close to the Brutes as this makes finding food easier. However this suggestion does not account for the fact that Wendigos have never been reported to attack the Brutes.

Preferring to maintain a high ground, the Wendigo leaps on its target and pounces with all its limbs. Its enormous tail spike is known to penetrate even armoured vehicles and its length can catch defenders by surprise. Wendigos are also known to frenzy when their target fights back. Troops are advised to not engage Wendigos at close quarters, relying instead on fire support from nearby squads. This, however is easier said than done. Troops have been reported to reflectively burst fire when a Wendigo attacks, causing the Wendigo to double down on its ferocity.

Night Patrol.jpg
The UEF patrol teams have been forced to adapt in order to neutralise the threat of the Wendigos. The old city lighting systems have been reinstated and adapted to illuminate areas that have Wendigo activity.

During Operation : Meteorite, the UEF is forced to double the manpower of all its patrols in order to counter the stalking Wendigos. This has caused the offensive to grind to a halt as a considerable amount of resources was being spent on keeping the Wendigos at bay.

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