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Although the rise of AI had left a rather nasty mark on mankind, more dumbed down versions of AI which aid the human intellect rather than replace it have found their place in the UEF military.

The ‘Wolverine’ Heavy Weapon Platform is one such application. The Wolverine is a 600 kg remote controlled tracked drone which sports a highly agile weapon turret. The Wolverine is designed to network with nearby allied forces and transmit multiple image feeds to its controller who is safely tucked away at a military base somewhere. This dynamic networking allows it to avoid all but the most sophisticated types of electronic warfare which would render it completely useless.

Wolverines are one of the favourite pieces of wargear for foot troops as they can be used for mobile cover, spearheading assaults but also as improvised wagons in a pinch. They can be armed with a plethora of different weapons that allow them to fulfil any battlefield role from heavy machine guns to SA and SS missile systems.

In the game

Wolverines can be specialised for a 4 different roles depending on what weapon it is fitted with. The 20mm Gatling makes it a perfect assault platform, providing firepower and mobile cover for friendly troops. Armed with the mortar it turns into a mobile light artillery that can target and supress enemy infantry out of its LoS. If vehicles are giving you trouble, the Missile Launcher battery turns it into one of the most powerful anti tank units in the game. Lastly, the 40mm Autocannon makes it a prime fire support unit.